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“My Life Changed Forever.” Sullivan, Elizabeth.

         One tactic they (cointelpro stalkers) use is to research
 which neighbors don’t really know the target that well.
Then they tell them lies about some criminal activity
 in which the target is involved….Other times, they
might just need to offer the neighbor an “incentive”
or ongoing payments to get them to cooperate (67).

…participants in organized stalking feel some sense
 of entitlement to their stalking pursuits.  No matter what,
they feel they are entitled to do whatever they want to do.
 This includes illegal home intrusions, breaking into vehicles,
 tapping phones, following targets everywhere they go,
and basically almost anything they decide to do.
 To me, that suggests they feel no remorse for any of
these deeds, and that sounds like a sociopath (68). 

       The people who join a stalking group are said by many
 to have low self-esteem.  They are happy to be involved
 in a group with a united purpose…Participants in a stalking group
 are often not even aware of the true identity of the “leader.”
….A participant may be notified to go “pick up” and follow
 a target whose car is currently parked in a certain parking lot (68).  

     Over the years, I have asked myself many times if I could ever
 be convinced to participate in organized stalking.  The answer
 has always been NO.  I have not been able to think of a single
 situation in which I would participate….I would put organized
 serial stalkers in the same category as serial rapists and murderers (69).

    In September, 2005, I got a new car.  The first month I drove it,
 the right front door was dinged three times.  The first two dings
were done before it even had a permanent license plate on it. 
I can’t imagine the mentality of people who waste their time
 deciding who will make the next ding in a target’s car door.
 I believe the stalkers think they are sending a message of
some sort, but it is difficult to try to figure out
 what a sociopath is thinking.

           In May, we had another day of street theater when I
went with Cindy to DMV to get a license plate….They called
the number (in waiting list) before ours…Then, they completely
 skipped our number – after waiting for over an hour, they went
right on to the next number!
           After twelve years of things like this happening, I knew
that someone had enlisted the help of one of the DMV employees
to provide this street theater antertainment…We waited for
about an hour, during which all the people who had no paperwork
 or numbers in their hands (probably 20 or 30 people) continued
 to sit in their chairs…How many people have the time or
inclination to go waste an afternoon at the DMV so they can watch
 the reaction of a woman and her daughter when their number is
skipped after an hour of waiting?  They seem to lead pretty
pathetic lives (98-99).   

There has been much written about how service people
are often approached, bribed and manipulated by organized stalking
 groups…The purpose is to enlist their help in victimizing the targets.
           The most extreme example involved a security company
 salesperson, Ron, who was supposed to arrange for
the replacement of some surveillance system equipment in 2007.
           …Over a period of five months, thirty-three appointments
 were scheduled and then cancelled, almost always on the day
 of the appointment.  Many times, Ron showed up at our door
at the appointment time and gave me another excuse.  Sometimes
 he cancelled by phone.  The excuses were usually about equipment,
 installers who were sick that day, or potential weather problems (122-123).   

           The literature on organized stalking says the stalkers will use
recorded conversations to turn others against the targets. ..Whatever it
takes to mess with the targets’ lives is within the scope of their purpose (129).
Sullivan, Elizabeth.  My Life Changed Forever.” Infinity Publish, 2009.


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「they tell them lies about some criminal activity in which the target is involved….」


ケータイを 肌身離さず 集団犯罪
     電波の届かぬ 地獄に堕ち泣く




「ストーキング犯罪で有罪判決を受けたクリスティーナ・オロスコは、 被害者を名誉毀損するウェッブサイトを立ち上げたり、被害者の近所や職場、 役所関係へ“(被害者は)性犯罪の前科者だ”などのデマ文書をばら撒いていた」



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名前:私は誰でしょう? (カリフォルニア州 ロス・オリボス) # 25 2008. 2. 6




Guess Who (Los Olivos, CA) #25 Feb 6, 2008

And don't kill yourself, I know you feel like it, I do, too, but please don't do it. You are far too important.
It should be the gangstalkers and cops and politicians who kill themselves and the landlords and lousy neighbors who kill themselves, but don't you do it. Please. My son committed suicide and my daughter has made several attempts and partly from the gangstalking and partly because of losing her brother and I feel like it, too, it is horrible to lose a child and a horrible thing to live with day after day to know your son is gone and you can't see him or talk to him and I could lose both children if my daughter does it, too.

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Lil' Rin, on December 17th, 2006 at 10:27 pm Said:

I used to be a gangstalker and I am so ashamed to admit that.
It was terrible, and I am so sorry for those I hurt.


 ~ 英語圏のギャングストーカー犯罪告発ブログより

Anonymous said...

I want to let you know that I understand what you are going through. I've been going through it since around 2008-2009 myself and it has been a horrible ordeal. And some days I pray to bounce back everyday. I also have a youtube station I started to talk about some of the gangstalking activities that I've been going through from these malicious people...(reading your message maybe that's why in the last year many of my neighbors all of a sudden can afford brand new cars?) who knows who supports this type of nonsense. My youtube video is AwakentoMe.