Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"The Race for the Brain"

"Documentary about brain research including brain implant in Norway in the 60's on behalf of the U.S. Military, Air-force, Army, Navy and the C.I.A. The research was done on unwitting patients without any kind of consent.
Shortened version of a Norwegian TV Documentary."

[00:55] The U.S. Military used Norwegian patients in brain research projects. 
[02:05] …the government implants wires into people’s heads to remote control.
[13:23] …He (Sem-Jacobsen) had 82 different patients at Gaustad that received implants that induced stimulation. They experienced the following symptoms:
Altered state of mind: (56 subjects) Unconciousness, seisures, reduced awareness.
Altered moods: (66 subjects) Relaxation, restlessness, panic attacks, fright, rage, orgastic.
Altered tactile: … (31 subjects) Temporary mute, changed pitch of voice. (4 subjects) Altered sense of tatste.
Altered bodily functions: (47 subjects) Changed in respiration, coughing, sweat, nausea. (5 subjects) Changed memory. (43 subjects) Different hallucinations.
[14:00] The goal was to find out how to change human behaviors.

[16:47] …He (Sem-Jacobsen) received the main funding from the Ford Foundation—a foundation that for many years was used to camouflage funding from the C.I.A.