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Dr. シバタ著 "The invisible maiming torture enterprise of organized stalking assaults"

Shibata, T. (2012). The invisible maiming torture enterprise of organized stalking assaults: International organized hate crime based on perceived psychiatric disability. North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace.

   Central (West) Coast News, KION 46 (CBS affiliate), broadcast a case of organized/gang stalking on January 29, 2011. This news report included an interview with Santa Cruz Police Lieutenant Larry Richard, who stated the following:

The Police are becoming more aware of gang stalking because of cyber bullying. Gang stalking is nothing new, but new technology is making it more common. Gang stalkers have elevated themselves to technology so this is something that’s been going on before Facebook or Twitter. They just now have gone into those areas. (Candice Nguyen, “Gang Stalking, ‘Bullying on Steroids’")

     I had been easy target for digital gossip…since my unique facial feature… A sociology professor who specializes in racism in Europe at Uppsala University once told me that racism revolves around visuality in Sweden. The gossip mob seemed to be curious and keen on hearing what I was saying since they often eavesdropped on my conversations in order to find out my personal information (where I live, etc)….The gossip/stalking mob had multiplied in number each day, and at the end of school year (around June 2008), almost one out of three people of college student…seemed to visually identify me (p.7-8).

There was a man…sitting on the steps of the apartment and observing my bike with a quietly startled facial expression. I was biking up on a hill toward the main library, and the chain area of the bike broke down. …I pulled the bike to the bike shop where I bought. (The next day) the mechanic worker who fixed the bike…said in a breathtaking manner, “I have fixed more than one thousand bikes in the last two decades, yet have never seen a bike broke down in this way. A machine must have been used to break this bike in this way.” (p.12)

I ordered a dish with a special request of not pouring the sauce on the dish at one of the student clubs at Uppasala University…the dish I received had the sauce, which I asked not to put. The person at the counter talked to the person in the kitchen. Another dish was brought to me. I noticed later on that the dish did not have the sauce but instead had warm liquid which had the acid odor often found in sweaty warm socks and tasted awkwardly sour. Four hours later I had diarrhea and later found out that staphylococcus has the taste and the smell of this kind. Then I started to have neuralgia symptoms on the back and the top of my head (p.15-16).

On December 30th, I went to a nearby cheap restaurant popular among students in Lund. At the moment I entered the restaurant, a white woman cook apparently in her early twenties looked at me in a disgusted manner…I ordered a dish, and the cook who usually prepares a dish in front of customers ended up going somewhere else at the middle of cooking. I ate salad which tasted a bit like chemical medicine… The cook passed by me…saw my empty plate and her facial expression became instantly joyful. I went back home and about thirty minutes after eating I started to have a headache which lasted for about 36 hours (p.19-20).  

I went to the information desk of the train station, and the woman staff strongly suggested that I go to Hotel Duxiana as she knew the owners there well. I entered a room…opened a glass bottle of gassed water…drank a bit, and placed the bottle in the area behind the iron desk and left the room. I came back to the hotel and drank the rest of the water from the opened glass bottle. Then I developed a lasting headache similar to the ones I had earlier. Sometime during the night I drank a table spoon of flax seed oil and water…then I noticed that the skin all over my body started to become markedly red; my heart beat became very fast as if I was having a heart attack (even though I usually have a healthy heart). My arms continuously shook for about 24 hours. A half year later, I talked to a police officer in Ithaca, New York, about this incident, and he told me that a drug which is called “beehive” might have been mixed in the water I drank (p.24-25).    

388 - Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde - 12:13 - about ..... "follows"

The cleaner…loooked at the heaters all around the apartment, and said…that the heating pipes that ran the basement and climbed up to my apartment must be emitting the sickening gas. Then she looked at my face in a sincerely stunned manner with widened eyes, and said in an earnest tone, “Why would anybody want to do this?” Apparently, I looked too nice to be targeted for this kind of vendetta-like attacks. I explained a bit, and she suggested that I move out of this apartment.
A TV news report by Kens 5, a local news program in San Antonio, Texas, covered three cases of organized stalking in February 2010 (Joe Conger, “Stalked, drugged and raped: Is it happening in San Antonio?” 2010). Two of these reported victims were repeatedly poisoned either by arsenic or cocaine, and the third victim was drugged once, and likely raped. Further, her residence was gas-poisoned during one of the repeated break-ins commissioned by an unknown group of stalkers (p.76-77).  

The survivors of child abuse…seem to be often carefully selected for (re)victimization…partially because it is relatively expedient to undermine the psychic reliability of the complaints of these survivors who already have the history of receiving psychiatric care…by deploying the covert techniques of organized stalking violence (often manifested in the forms of severe depression) (p.21-22).

According to my interviews with dozens of organized stalking assaults victims, the police are equally prone to make this discriminatory judgement when the complaint of organized stalking assaults has a history of traumatic head injury (p.61).  
Darwinian organizations intentionally choose victims who are socially marginalized/isolated without close family support…, or who already have a history of psychiatric treatment and/or that of traumatic brain injury. The intentional selection of victims based on perceived or actual socio-psychic disabilities (who lack credibility in the eyes of the police) is a technique to strategically prevent an investigation of any kind (p.120).

According to Derrick Robinson, the President of a non-profit organization called Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, who has interacted with over 1000 targeted individuals in the last 5 years, and Elenanor White, who has interacted with at least 2000 targeted individuals in the last 14 years, the techniques of invisible assaults used in organized stalking are engineered to make the target’s experience resemble either the diagnostic description of the persecutory subtype of delusional disorder or the paranoid subtype of schizophrenia as stipulated in the most authoritative manual of psychiatry written by American Psychiatric Association, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder 4th ed…delusional reports end up making the real occurrence of organized stalking less credible. Organized stalking strategically exploits this grand legal loophole created by the profound abuse of the mental illness diagnosis.
According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s survey report titled Stalking Victimization in the United States, “as with crime more generally, a pattern of decreasing risk for stalking victimization existed for persons residing in households with higher incomes.” That is to say, DSM does not instruct how to perspicaciously discern the profound ways in which…those with low socioeconomic status and disability are significantly more likely targeted than socio-economically privileged (p.28-29).

The German crime syndicate members said to the fellows of a crime syndicate in Ithaca, ‘Make sure she [Tomo] shuts up and people around her think she is crazy” (p.163)

According to the DOJ’s stalking survey report, 26.1 percent of stalking victims reported that they are cyberstalked or/and electronically monitored. 33.6 percent of these victims responded that perpetrators used computer spyware… Once my email accounts had been hacked (in February 2010, there were a few times when I found five Trojan horses in my laptop computer)… The stalking mob could then open my email account, create new email messages which contain hateful, obscene or threatening language, and send these messages to their “allies”…who, in turn, report to the university police claiming be harassed, threatened or stalked by me by using these emails sent from my email address as “iron-clad proof”(p.67).

Information gathered about the target was frequently used to discredit her/him. The manipulative act of psychiatrically discrediting the target and wrongfully placing her/him in a confined mental institution where s/he was to be psychiatrically incapacitated by hallucinogenic drugs was one of the classic governance techniques of the Stasi…After the collapse of East Germany in 1990, 85,000 full-time Stasi officers lost their jobs virtually overnight, and some of them remained unemployed without any government compensation at all. Those who remained unemployed…may have eventually sold the world’s most sophisticated infiltration techniques to international criminal organizations…these international criminal organizations then could have offered these infiltration techniques to the rest of the international criminal organizations across the globe in exchange for whatever mutually advantageous resources (p.124). 

Under the Stasi’s community-policing regime, friends spied on friends, and children were duped into spying on their parents (p.123).

Moreover, the Stasi’s closest and loyal partner, the Soviet…KGB’s strategic use of perceived psychiatric disability as a means of subjugating political dissidents appertain to genealogy of organized stalking assaults as organized hate violence based on perceived psychiatric disability (p.125).

    Stalking is defined in federal and state criminal laws…as “a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear.”…If   the victim complains about invisible collective violence which resembles the diagnostic description of either persecutory delusional disorder or paranoid schizophrenia, law enforcement personnel are prone to preconceive the victim as an unreasonable person (psychologically unreliable: the primordial criterion for evaluating a person’s entitlement to statutory rights). This reasonableness requirement thus ironically encourages stalkers to make their deeds as covert as possible and to solicit many others to gang up on one target in order to hide the proof of violence. That is to say, the reasonableness requirement ironically instigates the desire to collectively organize and perfect the crime of stalking, i.e., a contemporary form of wicth hunting (p.63).

…Law enforcement personnel could be inveigled into gaining biased suspicion toward the target by sophisticatedly using gossip (if not necessarily bribery) through social fabric.   Crime syndicates seem to imitate the modality and the structure of the police so closely (they use the same titles as the titles the police use...), and thus know the operational modality of law enforcement…enough to sophisticatedly manipulate law enforcement. DJ…said that he worked directly under a “Lieutenant” of the Upstate New York Mafia who has been coordinating my organized stalking assaults, [and] once told me jocularly, slowly and confidently looking straight at my face at the corner of the kitchen of my apartment (falsely claiming to fix water pollution...) in the evening on April 11, 2011, that the Mafia can identify which police officer could be manipulated in which way (probably by studying the given personality and inclination of the officer in question) in order to manipulatively use the officer to kill the target.When he mentioned the word “kill,” an air of enchanted manic pleasure leaked from his face (p.144 -145). 

The most effective way of tracking the target is to make use of the power of the police (p.151). Sophisticated crime syndicates (notably the Mafia) most successfully exploit the police’s professionally required inability to think critically (p.159).

    CW (a former Mafia member) once said in a manically jocular tone, “The Mafia’s profession is manipulation!”   One of the (organized stalkers’) objectives of organized perjury is to undermine the credibility of the target in the eyes of law enforcement so that law enforcement will be inveigled into disproving the psychiatric validity of the complaints of organized stalking assaults filed by the target. After this manipulative disenfranchisement process is complete, the level of organized stalking violence increases, which has been my case (p.148). 

35.7 percent of the [organized stalking] victims in the DOJ 2009 Special Report reported that their perpetrators spread rumors while 6.5 percent of victims responded that their fear resulting from stalking is loss of job. The leading figures of organized stalking victims’ organizations (including Robinson and Eleanor White in Canada) observed that the victims are often prevented from obtaining employment as well since their perpetrators spread maliciously false rumors to the victims’ prospective employers (and funding providing agencies) before or during the candidate-selection process [(集団ストーカーの被害者が就職採用試験に応募する際)被害者に関する悪質な虚偽のデマを、集団ストーカー実行犯らが、採用担当者やスポンサー団体に対し、事前に或いは採用検討中に、ばら撒いている。そのため被害者の就職が妨害されるということがしばしば起こっている] (p.70).

According to a survey report on stalking issued by the Department of Justice in 2009 titled Stalking Victimization in the United States, an estimated 3.4 million persons age 18 or older were victims of stalking in the I.S. during a 12-month period. 6.5 percent of the stalking victims in this survey responded that the number of stalking offenders is unknown. 13.1 percent responded that the number of offenders is three or more, of which 41.2 percent of these victims reported that their perpetrators cooperated to stalk the victims. Professor Graham Davies and others at Psychology Department of Leicester University conducted the survey of stalking victims in the U.K. and found out that 40 % of victims said that friends and or family of their stalkers had also been involved in their harassment (p.162 -163).

The electromagnetic weapons (also called directed energy weapons) of various electromagnetic wavelengths (microwave, infrared, ultra violet and nuclear) include microwave cannons, which are modified microwave ovens…and heats up the water content (vibrates water molecules) of the irradiated body cells thereby cooking (plausibly maiming depending on the chosen level of radiation) these cells. Microwave canons are sold online for $20 each (Footnote: i.e. an online store called Information Unlimited, which is physically located in New Hampshire). Some of these weapons sold online are as small as a handgun, and…“can maim or kill a person” according to the aforementioned online catalogue titled “Rail, Coil, Plasma, Impulse Guns.” Other electromagnetic weapons plausibly used include a Lida machine (U.S. patent #3773049: Apparatus for the Treatment of Neuropsychic and somatic Diseases with Heat, Light, Sound and VHF Electromagnetic Radiation), an X-ray gun, and a laser gun (p.165-166). 

Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance have compiled numerous medical evidences (especially MRI images) of electromagnetic assaults and affidavits of the victims.
 Electromagnetic weapons laws enacted in Michigan in 2003, Massachusetts in 2004 and Maine in 2005 renders the use of an electromagnetic and electronic weapon used against a person a statutory crime (p.166).

Almost everywhere I work on campus, I have been fired upon by some electromagnetic beam. One time I entered Olin Library and straight to the elevator. A man who appeared to be in his twenties but did not carry any student backpack or some such thing ran into the elevator which I was taking…he looked at me and looked content. Then he punched his fist against a wall of the elevator…I entered one of the study rooms and started working. Within a minute, I felt the microwave like radiation again, i.e., felt heat and pain in a particular area (either right or left) of the outer skin of the head. I placed a hand in front of the area of the head where I felt pain, and now the hand felt the same heat (sometimes both heat and pain, and sometimes just heat or pain). Then I moved my hand further toward the direction from which the radiation seemed to be originating, and my hand continued to perceive the same heat, pain, etc. Usually by doing so, I can tell from which direction the radiation comes (it often comes from an adjacent room). Then after a half hour or so, I moved to another room....Within a few minutes, I saw the same guy, who ran into the elevator earlier, standing right in front of the glass wall of the group study room, where I moved to (p.164-165) .    

As the crime syndicate realized that I am trying to publish this manuscript, their daily attacks became severe enough to most plausibly maim my brain. Currently I am receiving electronic radiation daily…at least five different kinds of beam radiation (p.168).

Organized stalking assaults as a global management system to control and punish the fleeing members of international criminal organizations and fleeing human trafficking victims.

    According to the U.S. Department of State’s Human Rights Report, international criminal organizations isolate the victims of human trafficking (sexual slavery), subject these women to constant surveillance, and use violence to punish them for disobedience. NGOs reported that in some cases brokers used drugs to subjugate victims. Therefore, international sex slavery (human trafficking) victims are the victims of organized stalking assaults (p.115).