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Rich, "The Hidden Evil"

Mark M. Rich, The Hidden Evil, Lulu.com, 2009

State-Sponsered Terror Campaigns


An Introduction to Organized Vigilante Stalking

What is it? 集団ストーカーとは何か?

Organized Stalking is a well-organized, occult form of covert harassment used against an individual. It is done by large groups of people who systematically & repeatedly harass individuals. The people who participate are usually under the impression that they need to keep an eye on a targeted person or drive them out of town for wrongdoings….

This hate crime appears to be a combination of early mind-control & harassment programs such as Cointelpro & MKULTRA, as well as Gang Stalking tactics used by the KKK. The objective is to create so much pain in the environment of the person that they are driven to homelessness or suicide. It is used to isolate & remove economical & social support structures, & therefore, destabilize a person s life with the intent to drive them to suicide…You re followed out of the country, & there is no way to get away from it.

Many tyrannical regimes throughout history have used local harassment gangs to neutralize dissent. Gang Stalking is simply another manifestation of this pattern. Although the strategy & tactics employed by these groups are somewhat new, the groups exist to serve the same purpose.
When you make someone aware of Organized Stalking, they’re presented with a choice. They can believe you & have their world turned upside down. Or they can deny that it exists. Some people don’t have the constitution to acknowledge insanity of this magnitude. This type of denial is probably an unconscious protection mechanism that activates in order to prevent a nervous breakdown. Organized Vigilante Stalking is an enterprise, run by field leaders who rally groups, which contain hundreds of people to repeatedly harass individuals with the intent to drive them to suicide. 被害者を自殺に追い込むために嫌がらせをする何百人もの常習犯が集団ストーカーに含まれている]

The process of Organized Stalking/Mobbing seems to work best when the target is unaware or in denial that they’re targeted. I call it a process because it seems to have a progression from the start. The more conscious you are of the process, the better you’ll be able to survive it (6).集団ストーカー犯罪の進行過程をしっかり自覚している者ほど生存率が高い]
They (NSA et al) have demonstrated the ability to influence (brainwash) large groups of people. And they have mastered the art of creating mind-control cults that they apparently learned from the Nazis & the Chinese. [マインドコントロールを行なうカルト集団を作り出す手口は、どうやらナチスドイツ人や中国人から学んだようだ]
A private investigator named David Lawson…found out that tactics that demonstrated favorable results were recorded & used at a later date. When information gained by surveillance is passed on to group members to aid with harassment & the results of the harassment are recorded to enhance future harassment, then this is mind-control (9).


People who have been compromised


During the MKULTRA period, people were recruited into programs after being caught engaged in criminal activity.(12) For instance, a postal inspector would detect a pedophile video being sent through the mail. The postal inspector would then contact FBI/CIA. Federal agents would contact this person & he would sometimes be given a choice of either going to jail or cooperating.(10-11)

Comunity-Policing & other local organizations


For instance, part of the Weed And Seed program calls for a collaborative effort between local, state, & federal agencies, as well as community organizations, social services, private sector businesses & residents, to weed out undesirable individuals.

These citizens are endowed with a sense of responsibility & are confident that a program sponsored by the DOJ must be moral & legitimate.[集団ストーカー活動に参加しているこの市民たちは使命感を与えられ、この活動が道徳的で正当なものだという自信を抱いている] But lacking historical knowledge, they are unaware that they may be playing a small role inside of a larger program of state-sponsored terrorism, against those the Establishment has deemed undesirable.[しかし彼らは歴史的な経緯を知らないので、自分らが、国家が支援する官製テロの片棒をかつぎ、支配者層にとって目障りな人間を弾圧・粛清する駒の役目を果たしているかもしれないことに気付いていない]
Middle schools, High Schools & Universities are fertile recruiting grounds for junior policing groups. Some of these policing groups are restricted to school grounds while others are not (11).
The definition of a terrorist in section 802 of the US Patriot Act is frighteningly vague…Historically, similar programs have been used on political dissent, activists, & whistleblowers (12).
It is likely that there are role-playing exercises to desensitize them (participants of organized stalking), & that they are given canned responses to anticipated remarks such as, Stop harassing me, You were lied to, Why are you harassing me, etc (12). Leuren Moret, a geoscientist & president of an organization called Scientists for Indigenous People, is currently targeted after becoming a whistleblower at Livermore Lab. She discovered that more than 500 people experienced similar Mobbing at the University of California & had their lives & careers destroyed (13).[カリフォルニア大学で500人以上もの人々が同様な(集団ストーカー的)嫌がらせを受け、職業や生涯をぶち壊しにされていたことが地学者のMoret女史によって明らかになった]

Uncovering the Truth About Depleted Uranium, Leuren Moret

The purpose of mobbing is to drive the target individual out of the job force for the rest of their life; the bigger goal is to drive them to the ultimate self-destruction: suicide. The information gathered is used to take your life apart and to attempt to make you look crazy. Your children are harassed, they come home with belongings missing and stories of teachers harassing them...

Youtube: Leuren Moret Discusses MKUltra, Tavistock, HAARP & Mind Control

Why is it used? 集団ストーカー犯罪被害に遭う理由
I had also heard scattered stories of people being harassed by government agencies but I attributed it to their own fault. I figured they must have been some serious troublemakers in order to provoke it…I believed that these agencies would never spend resources to target innocent people, especially a “nobody”…I was wrong…Then I began to learn about the organized human slavery rings, optimum/heroin trafficking (The Golden Triangle), MKULTRA, & current mind-control operations…and Operation Northwoods.

Revenge 復讐

Cause Stalking groups are…available to any person who has the connections & capitol to finance it.

Whistleblowers 内部告発に対する逆恨み

If you complained about working conditions or ethics of a corporation, you may be targeted. The U.S. postal service &other federal agencies use professional harassment services to harass people, literally to death. This harassment includes psychological warfare & DEWs (42).

Activists/Dissidents 平和・民主主義活動に対する弾圧

Corporations in various countries are currently using professional harassment groups on people that oppose them. The Justice Department claimed that the original Cointelpro was needed to defend national security & prevent terrorism. However, it ended up subverting democracy & promoting violence & terrorism. [コインテルプロは民主主義を崩壊させ、暴力やテロを助長する結果に終わった]Cointelpro is back. But it is much, much worse, now with one in 24 Americans being recruited as informants.

The New Cointelpro is now legal. According to ACLU executive director Anthony Romero, who viewed a confidential FBI memorandum, even peaceful protesters are now being labeled as potential "terrorists."

Experimentation マインドコントロール機器開発のための人体実験

Some known behavioral modification projects include BLUEBIRD, MKDELTA & MKULTRA. MKULTRA, with 149 sub-projects, was conducted in universities, hospitals, military institutions, & prisons. Some tests included the effects of stress on human beings, including duress, fatigue, torture, drugs, creation of mutations, & a variety of other tests.

Some of these tests were conducted on children.
These people will think nothing of sacrificing innocent members of the population & experimenting on people, then covering up their crimes claiming reasons of national security. After studying the history of some of these agencies & learning the facts, it became clear to me that these acts were carried out by monsters misusing their resources & committing crimes against humanity.
The paper trail for these experiments ended around 1984. But there are currently thousands of citizens being experimented on at this time. Labs are apparently no longer necessary as Directed Energy Weapons can be used at a distance. Targeted people are declined assistance by organizations that have been set up to help victims of torture & mind-control. They are routinely labeled mentally ill to discredit them(43).[本来、拷問やマインドコントロール犯罪の被害者を救済するための各機関も、危害を受ける人々への援助を拒否している。それどころか告発内容の信憑性を落とすために、被害者は決まって精神病のレッテルを貼られる]

Tactics 手口

Rather than using a blunt overt attack against a fully functional person, they usually attack from the inside, & conceal their harassment by using existing events that occurs naturally. However, it is probably statistically impossible for some of these staged events to occur as often as they do. They conceal much of their harassment using what appears to be a simple formula applied to these events. The basic formula is as follows:

1. Frequency-Describes how often an event occurs. It also pertains to the number of acts within a single event.

2. Duration-Pertains to the length of a single event. It also pertains to the non-stop nature of the harassment in general.

3. Intensity-The amplification of the acts such as sound, sight, crowding, etc. within an event. (p.18)

Collisions & Cut-offs

They will adjust their timing & rhythm to yours so that they always meet you at that point, so that you will have to squeeze through, stop, or go around because of their deliberate adjustment of timing. The idea is to get your attention & make you uncomfortable. If you re a target, their timing will mirror yours so that a collision will occur (p.26).

 Blocking, Swarming & Space invasion

Sometimes they [organized stalkers] may blatantly adjust their timing…until you begin to move again. This program was tailored to represent a target as someone suffering from schizophrenia when explained to health professionals. This is no surprise, the intelligence community has worked extensively with the psychiatric industry.
Prolonged crowding can have an extremely negative effect on your mental/emotional health. The people who designed this harassment program were well aware this. While some cultures may be more immune to crowding than others, even people from parts of the world that have been historically crowded react stressfully to crowding. People who have not been invited into your intimate space but deliberately violate it are committing acts of violence. The people that participate may justify their behavior because they serve a "greater cause" & don't see their behavior as acts of violence. But the culmination of these tactics amount to no less than soul murder.

People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil, Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck

When I say that evil has to do with killing, I do not mean to restrict myself to corporal murder. Evil is also that which kills spirit.

If you are an Organized Stalking target you ll be followed on foot & swarmed anywhere you go out in public. Even on days/times that there are normally not many people. This happens in stores while making purchases, restaurants, businesses, where you have people constantly cutting you off, invading your space, using sensitivity programs, or other harassment tactics. Sometimes this is blatantly obvious (p.27).

Directed Energy Weapons[ハイテク凶器DEW:指向性エネルギー兵器)
Some types of unclassified directed energy weapons can cause nausea, fatigue, headaches, liquefy bowels & a variety of other symptoms…. Some of it is over thirty years old &has been tested for decades (37).

People have also reported having electrical systems in their cars, & brand new appliances, TVs, radios, PCs, & other electronic equipment suddenly die. Once again, this can be attributed to the E-bomb which can destroy electrical equipment while not damaging humans. Recently, Massachusetts passed a law banning the illegal use of directed energy weapons.[マサチューセッツ州は指向性エネルギー兵器(DEW)の違法な使用を禁止する法を制定した。] However, the law states that federal & local law enforcement can use these weapons (37).[しかし同法は連邦と地元の法執行機関はこの武器を使用してよいとしている]

Sound lasers
Such as the Hypersonic Sound System (HSS), Long-Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), &Medium-Range Acoustic Device (MRAD)… These sound beams can pass through a crowd of people & be focused inside of an individual's ear…
People who are experiencing Organized Stalking report hearing doors slamming, voices, degradation of a religion, screaming, birds, etc (37).

Microwave DEWs will produce dizziness, burning, headaches, eye problems, damaged nervous system & internal organs, heart attack, & an inability to concentrate. A common microwave oven can be turned into a DEW by modifying the appliance to operate with the door removed.[通常の電子レンジも、扉を取り外した状態でも作動するよう改造すれば、指向性エネルギー兵器(凶器)へと転用することができる] It can then be positioned against a wall to attack someone on the other side.

The Russian LIDA machine (patent 3773049) …can be used as a weapon to drain a person of energy. The pulse rate can be adjusted so that it causes fatigue or excitability (sleeplessness).

Voice-To-Skull (V2K)
V2K, also called Microwave Hearing was discovered during WWII when soldiers noticed buzzing sounds while standing in front of an energized radar antenna.[マイクロ波可聴効果とも呼ばれている技術、すなわちヴォイス・トゥー・スカル(略称V2K)は第2次世界大戦の最中に発見されたもので、スイッチの入ったレーダーアンテナの前に立った兵士らが、煩い音が聞こえるのに気付いたことがその発端である]Dr. Joseph Sharp demonstrated a V2K success in the mid 70s… Voice or other sound can be transmitted over a distance, through walls, directly into the skull of a person.[遠距離から壁を突き抜け、人の頭蓋内へ直に、声やその他の音を送信できるV2K技術は、70年代にシャープ博士が展示してみせている]

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum
Silent Sound (patent 5159703), developed by Dr. Oliver Lowery of Norcross, Georgia...is an improvement over the time-slicing subliminal suggestions...beyond human hearing but not human perception. Apparently this weapon was used on Iraqi soldiers during the first gulf war. Silent Sound can be transmitted through ordinary radio or television carrier frequencies.[閾値以下の聴覚刺激「サイレント・サウンド」は通常のラジオやテレビ電波の周波数を使って伝送できる] Silent Sound can also be piped through the V2K medium & transmitted over a distance. So this means that subliminal messages can be transmitted over a distance, through walls, directly into a person s skullin essence, into their subconscious mind (39-40). [つまりサイレントサウンドがV2Kを通して伝播されうるということは、サブリミナルメッセージが遠隔より壁を突き抜け頭蓋内へ、要は潜在意識へ直に送り込まれることを意味している]One former NSA employee, John St. Clair Akwei, is one of a very few targeted people to file a lawsuit (Civil Action1:92 cv 00449) against the NSA. [http://emhdf.com] Jesus Mendosa who appeared on The Power Hour radio showused radiation detection devices to identify some directed energy attacks against him & his children. He has also been Gang Stalked (40).

Tactics Conclusion: [ハイテク凶器についてのまとめ]

There are some tactics that are much more subtle that you may experience if youre targeted. Now you know why some people are driven to suicide[これでなぜ被害者の中には自殺にまで追いやられる人がいるのか、もうおわかりだろう]…These organizers may be more aware of some of your habits than you are.

Moving out of the community or state will not stop this harassment.(7, 101, 200) This is not only nation-wide but it is happening in all NATO countries. Individually, some tactics may not be illegal or very potent, but when combined with other tactics in a systematic round-the-clock fashion, day in, & day out, they are a painful & difficult to prove form of Torture (40-41).[危害のひとつひとつを見れば、必ずしも違法ではなかったり、直ちに影響があるわけではなかったりする手口もあるかもしれない。しかし、これが他の手口と組み合わされ、四六時中、寝ても覚めても危害を被り続ければ、たいへんな苦痛となるのと同時に、これが拷問であることを証明するのも困難となるという寸法だ]

Objectives of the group集団ストーカーの目的]

For the agency that launched the harassment campaign, the goal is to get the targeted person to commit an act of violence, whether suicide or murder, under circumstances which can be plausibly denied by the agency.[集団ストーカーをやらせている工作員らの目的は、自分らの仕業であることを否認できるような、もっともらしい状況を作りあげたうえで、標的になった者を(キレさせ)自殺させるか殺人を犯させることである]

If you are targeted, the people orchestrating this are trying to murder you. But they would be just as happy if you went postal. In the event they meet their objective & a murder/suicide occurs
Just as Mobbing is done with the intention to represent the departure of a person from the workplace as their own choice, Organized Stalking is used to represent the departure, suicide or act of violence of a person under mind-control as their own choice. This is legal murder, orchestrated by the intelligence community, which uses civilians to carry out the crime. I told you this was The Hidden Evil. (45)

Why they remain [集団ストーキング犯罪が蔓延る原因] 

Apparently the intelligence community, in service to the establishment, has given word to local & state law enforcement to label anyone complaining of this system as mentally ill.

Here are some other reasons why it is kept hidden:

· -They are compartmentalized
· -The people who participate are sworn to secrecy, some may have signed non-disclosure agreements or similar forms
· -Group members are only given what they need to know to carry out their personal part & are not aware of the agenda or direction of the program
· -Heavily networked
· -The people who fund/sponsor it own the mainstream media, mental health, legal community, & most other major institutions
· -Unlimited budget
· -Overlooked or ignored by law enforcement
· -Unknown to the general public
· -Federal & local influence
· -Lack of courage on behalf of agencies that claim to exist to support targets of terrorism & trauma
· -Tactics are designed to blend in with everyday life & not be noticed by a non-targeted person (covert attacks)
· -Tactics may gradually increase over months or years so that a person will not recognized they are targeted, even as their lives fall apart for apparently no reason

Another trait is… that the more people you can co-op,the more assistance you'll have for covering it up, & the less likely it will be exposed. This tactic has been labeled spreading the blood around by a targeted person….they (the perpeturators) pass the knife around to various people so that everybody takes a stab.

Most people do not want to face the horror of acknowledging that something like this is going on. Police may publicly deny the existence of these groups, but many of them across the nation are aware that they exist. 警察も表向きには集団ストーカー組織の存在を否定するかもしれないが、しかし全米の警察官の多くは集団ストーカーが存在していることを十分承知している]Some may believe that a target must have done something to deserve it if it is happening. (Then) Why would an organization that is designed to help people choose not recognize this type of terrorism? They may have been bribed with funding/favors, threatened, blackmailed, or are just outright terrified by these cults (58).

Monster In The Cellar
Of course in the back of their minds they're thinking, I hope it never comes for my son or daughter. My message to those who know what this is about is this: It is only getting worse. If you keep giving in, it will only be a matter of time before a family member becomes targeted. [もしあなた方がこのまま集団ストーカーに服従し続ければ益々この犯罪が蔓延するだけで、あなたの家族が被害者となるのも時間の問題に過ぎないことだろう] How will you feel when you are forced to harass your son, daughter or sibling? Do you not think this system can be used on you or your family?集団ストーカーのシステムから、あなたやあなたの家族だけは対象外になれるとでも思っているのですか?] (59)


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