Thursday, May 9, 2013

Welsh, "Outlaw Nonconsensual Human Experiments Now"

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·      Throughout the Cold War, the U.S. government experimented on American citizens without their knowledge.

·      A 1995 government report called for the prohibition of such human-subject experimentation without informed consent.

·       Yet today, some officials still have the power to waive regulations requiring informed consent in classified government experiments.

So while it seems crazy, it's true: Today, in a country that for the last eight years has been defined by questionable intelligence-gathering techniques and interrogation methods, the U.S. government is no more restricted in carrying out nonconsensual, classified research on human subjects than it was after World War II. Thus, it's time for the Obama administration to reexamine the guidelines for classified experimentation on human subjects and close any loopholes that would allow a person to be unknowingly subject to experimentation.

…It's time, with a new administration that condemns torture of any kind, to establish regulations governing all human-subject protections in classified experiments and to ensure that no person, regardless of position, can take away a person's right to consent.

Outlaw nonconsensual human experiments now. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

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n said...

I interviewed Cheryl Welsh, Director of Mind Justice. According to the official website, Mind Justice is a human rights organization which works for “the rights and protections of mental integrity and freedom from new technologies and weapons which target the mind and nervous system”(Mind Justice, 2013). The representative, Welsh, herself has been targeted with nonconsensual mind control experiments by the government since 1987. She was interviewed by CNN in 1997 on the program, “American Edge,” featuring a former CIA director. Since then she shared the story with various social media. Recently, she was also interviewed by KOVR 13 News for a 2001 rally on nonconsensual experimentation at the California state capital. She also writes, for example in 2009, her opinion-editorial on the issue of mind control weapons, called neuroweapons today, was published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists online edition.

"Interview With Cheryl Welsh (1)"

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