Sunday, October 1, 2017

北海道大学入試 "Government Spying on Its People"

北海道大学 平成29年度入試 英語 第4問


Excerpts from the entrance exam of Hokkaido University, 2017

Chris: ...I've heard that the police and intelligence services can now follow everything we do. They can read our email, look at our posts on social media, track us from our mobile phone signals, even check our bank accounts. I don't want people nosing into my affairs.
       Remember that whistleblower in America a couple of years ago? He said that the security services there track millions of personal messages on email and social media. I don't want the authorities to know about my private life! Look, there's probably someone watching us right now on that security camera over there.
       Somebody is watching us almost every second. There's no privacy and I can't relax anymore. OK, so they can catch serious criminals but I'm worried that they will be used for social control, like identifying people at political rallies or kids hanging around in parks having fun.  

       Governments everywhere are using the power of computers to control us. They are imposing new measures like individual identification numbers that can be linked to personal information -- bank accounts, health records, things like that -- so they can know exactly what we are up to, how much we spend, what we spend it on, how often we travel abroad and where we go, and so on. And at the same time the government makes new laws to keep its own information secret and tries to control media. It's very disturbing. Maybe one day we'll all have individual microchips inserted under our skin!
       If we don't stand up to this now we will lose our freedoms before we know it.

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