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Kamanaka, H., Koizumu, S., Kawaida, H., Iwata, M., Iezuka, S., Heemann, C., & Group Gendai Films. (2006). Hibakusha: Sekai no owari ni. Tōkyō: Gurūpu Gendai.

"We will go to so called "Death Mile"in a minute, and I will explain to you the health histories of each one of those families in one mile. We are very close friends of mine.

My mother suffered cancer, my father died of cancer, my two sisters have been fighting cancer for ten years. I was parallized when I was a child. I had cnacer removed from my skin, we always had alergy problem of blood running out of noses, and uhh general poor health. My teeth fell off when I was five years old. I cannot remember all of them, but my health picture is covered in a book.

This farm from here is Mr. and Mrs. Lee. He died of cancer. She is fighting cancer right now, and they have four sons, and one of the boys is dead from cancer. That is all I know about him.

On the right hand side here, that house is gone also. A man named..uhh..Mr. Barth, they had a house right here with this road. There is no house any more now. Mrs. Barth gave birth to a deformed baby, and she drowned her baby in the bathtub, and committed suicide. She cut her wrist, and killed herself here. [バース夫人は奇形児を出産後、赤んぼうをふろで溺死させ、自分も手首を切り自殺した。]

And this lady here, Mrs. Holmes, she got bone cancer, and was really fast, that killed her really fast, and her little two daughters take thyroid medication. They do not live there anymore. All these people are gone." (Tom Bailey, Hanford, U.S.A.)

"My wife had thyroid cancer, too, and there is a problem with health in our family, you know. She had a surgery and cancer removed, but still suffers from medication through her thyroid defciency."
(Terry Bailey, Tom's brother, Hanford, U.S.A.)

[プルトニウム製造工場の風下で]テリーの作る牧草のおよそ半分が日本に輸出されています。[Half of the meadow that Terry produces down-wind of the plutonium factory is exported to Japan.]

肥田医師: [米軍占領中]広島の生き残った医者がね、たくさんの生き残った被爆者を診るのに病気がわからない。[放射能による病気について]、ABCC(原爆障害調査委員会)は、よく知っているわけだから、教えてくれって頼んむんだ。[でも]全然教えてくれない。

Dr. Hida (MD): ABCC (Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission) did not help us [in Hiroshima]. They examined only.
Tom Bailey: Only watching!? Watching and write on paper...not treating!? Wow! That makes me feel uncomfortable.

Dr. Hida: I was arrested four times [by the U.S. Occupational Army].
Tom Bailey: Four times!? By American Occupations? For asking for medical information [concerning radiation-caused diseases]?
Dr. Hida: Yes.
Tom: Wow!

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